Gems by Jewell ~ SIGNED FIRST EDITION ~ Jewell Tisdale ~ Civil War Poetry Nature Book

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Gems by Jewell FIRST EDITION Leather Jewell Tisdale Book of Poetry War Peace


  • Classic Printing, AL 2007
  • First Edition / First Printing
  • Stated First Edition, no additional printings.
  • Signed by the Editor Ann Tisdale Belcher
  • I certify that the signature is genuine.
  • Rare Book. Green leather with gold lettering. 
  • Facsimile signed by the author on the endpaper. Illustrated with photos. 
  • Book Condition: Fine, as new, clean boards & pages, tight spine.
  • 1st Editions and Antiquarian Books
  • American Booksellers Association (ABA) - Member
  • Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA) - Member

"The author writes about nature, romance, history, dedication, contentment, loyalty, war, depression and peace. Her ability to relate descriptive details, share memories so dear to her heart and her vivid imagination will amaze you and touch your heart. This collection expresses the author's observations, experiences and memories made during her lifetime of 96 years. Her tribute to the beauty of nature invites you into her magical world. As a young bride during bad times of the great depression, widowed at 48 and sacrificing for family has the reader relating to present days. Her never ending love and dedication to the memory of her beloved sweetheart and husband warms your heart." - Ann Tisdale Belcher, Editor